Gary G. Gnoll

Gnoll Assassin


Gary is a gnoll, but speaks with a proper English accent. He is a perfect gentleman and often helps around the camp, cooking and helping to hunt. When combat breaks out, however, he displays ferocious ability.


Gary grew up amongst gnoll society out in the Unclaimed Lands. He was always different from the other gnolls, and was always picked on. Eventually, things turned even darker as the gnolls became obsessed with a dark shadow energy they discovered in the forests. The other gnolls decided to sacrifice Gary to this darkness, but he barely escaped at the last second.

Now, Gary has abilities beyond those of normal gnolls. He is able to blend into shadows and use other people’s shadows against them.

He joined the Argent League of Explorers after Anna Maelstrom discovered him in the wilds and offered to help him. Gary joined up with our main party for awhile, along with Anna and Ozymandias Menethil.

He was sent by Azerus on a special mission. Azerus was afraid the gnolls’ “shadow energy” had some connection to the Nightmare, and sent Gary to investigate further.

However, Gary was nearly killed by Lucius the Black, who then kept him barely alive while waiting on our main party to arrive. Lucius made up a story, claiming that he had saved Gary’s life, in order to infiltrate the group.

Gary has since recovered, and has found his way back to Anna Maelstrom. He is currently with her in the Goblin Kingdoms, studying their culture.

Gary G. Gnoll

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