Vampire Servant of Tarnus


As powerful as she is seductive. Eliana serves as a high-ranking member of Tarnus’s undead horde.


Eliana approached the party outside of the city of Woodfall with a proposition… The city of Moil within the Shadowfel has been corrupted by the Nightmare. Even Tarnus’s flock of undead within the city have been taken over by the corruption.

The party agreed to strike a bargain… Tarnus’s minions would leave them alone as long as they were within the Shadowfel researching the problem, and the party would investigate the corruption.

After they fixed the issue, Eliana met the party when they were attempting to leave the Shadowfel, saying she wanted to “recruit” them to Tarnus’s army since they were so capable. Darius was very persuasive, however, and promised that the group would willingly lend their help to Tarnus in the future, and “recruitment” wasn’t necessary.

Reluctantly, Eliana let the heroes go without incident.


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