A powerful primal guardian, Dreod uses druidic magic to protect her allies and mend their wounds.


Dreod was once a powerful tree in the Garden of Graves, and served as that place’s main source of magical protection. Recently, unknown forces associated with the Nightmare desecrated the whole cemetery, unearthing graves and constructing powerful structures designed to siphon Fey energy from the surrounding area. Over time, Dreod’s power was drained away, and eventually she could no longer remain in her natural tree form.

Around this time, our heroes arrived in the Garden and struggled to free it from the corruption. Dreod joined them and together they successfully destroyed the arcane mechanisms causing the damage. Dreod chose to join the party and leave her Garden, vowing to seek out the perpetrator of these crimes and bring Nature’s justice to them personally.

Dreod brought along the fey fox spirit Seven, who wanted to help out after the events at the Garden of Graves.


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