Tiefling Battlemind


A childhood friend of Diego Armando, Disilphinx gained the nickname “Diesel” over time. He always stood in Diego’s shadow, as Diego was more naturally talented in the Arcane Arts. Diesel developed his own method of fighting using his psionic abilities, but it was clearly a poor imitation of Diego’s fighting techniques.


Diego Armando grew up in the streets of Argent as an orphan. He was not alone, however! He had the company of his best friend Disilphinx, or “Diesel” for short. They relied on each other, and through thick and thin they survived.

One day, they tried to pick the pockets of a passing nobleman, but were quickly discovered. The nobleman was none other than Mariz, a powerful human wizard and politician. Diego and Diesel feared for their lives, but were relieved to find that Mariz was a very kind and generous man. Instead of the punishment they were expecting, Mariz proceeded to actually adopt the two children.

They grew up together under Mariz’s protection and tutelage. He saw a great power within the two young men, especially Diego. He trained the boys every day, and taught them many lessons about history, arcana, and religion. Diego quickly grew in strength and became a capable sword mage. Diesel was not so naturally gifted in the arcane arts, and so he developed his own style of fighting. Mariz insisted that he loved the two boys the same, and they were equal in his eyes.

Mariz had many qualities… charity, kindness, intelligence, and political cunning… but chief among them was his secretive nature. Mariz kept things very close to the vest, and clearly knew a great deal about the world. Diego and Diesel came to realize that Mariz was training them for some greater purpose, though he would never tell them what it was. He would simply say, “In time, my son… in time…”

He kept all of his notes in a huge book. Diego snuck a peak into it once, but couldn’t make heads or tales of it. It was filled with inscrutable runes and seemingly random letters and numbers. While he was taking a peak, Mariz discovered Diego and cleared his throat. “That too, will come in time… patience is a virtue. One day I’ll pass all I know down to you and Diesel.”

But that day was never to come. One fateful day, Diego and Diesel had the day off for training. Diego decided to go visit Mariz anyway, as he felt his training was nearing an end and wanted to discuss the future with his mentor. Suddenly, a band of fierce orcs burst into Mariz’s tower. Try as they may, Diego and Mariz were not strong enough to fight them off. Mariz was slain and Diego was beaten unconscious.

Diesel was the one who discovered the grizzly scene, and carried Diego to a nearby doctor for recovery.

Mariz was to be a candidate for Judge of Argent. He was running against Altruis Whisperwind, an eladrin wizard. By the time Diego regained consciousness, Altruis had been elected in a landslide, stating that he was deeply saddened by the death of Mariz. Diego just knew in his heart that Altruis was somehow behind the attack, but was never able to prove it.

What was more troubling, however, was a bit of information Diesel told Diego… Mariz’s magical journal was missing! All of the secrets that were bound to be contained inside the book were lost forever!

Eventually, Diego left Argent, frustrated with his inability to get justice for his mentor. Diesel stayed behind, vowing to Diego that he would work day and night to discover what happened, and to recover their master’s Journal from the fiend that took it.

Involvement in Our Game
When the party returned to Argent to visit their company Paradigm, Disilphinx sought out Diego for a reunion. They drank the day away on Diego’s coin. Disilphinx noted that Diego seemed to have lost touch with his orphan roots, and the gaudy Airship and large advertising sign with his face on it seemed over the top.

Diesel alerted Diego that he had tracked down their master’s Book of Secrets, and it was being held in a vault in Altruis Whisperwind’s Summer Home. The party helped steal the book.

As Diego and Diesel celebrated with a drink, Diego showed that he could successfully translate the book, a feat the Diesel could never perform. In response, Diesel revealed his treacherous nature when he drugged Diego, taking him to a dungeon along with the Book. Diesel had secretly been working with Altruis for years!


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