Diego Armando

Gensai Sword Mage


A water gensai, Diego’s skin is etched with blue hues. He moves with fluid grace, and at any moment may dissolve entirely into water only to reform elsewhere.


Once an orphan, he was taken in by a noble wizard named Mariz and trained in the arcane arts, along with his fellow orphan and childhood friend Disilphinx. He has since mastered the element of Water, allowing him to phase into liquid and reform far away. He is the Deputy Mayor of Woodfall. He also heroically dove off of an airship to ensure the death of Lucius the Black, a cleric of Zyne who was plaguing the party at every turn.

After the death and resurrection of Tamar Reeve, Diego became the keeper of the Sword of Yusha, a legendary sword made by the gods. Diego now hopes to unlock the sword’s former glory and help in the fight against the Nightmare.

Diego Armando

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