Bane Brisbee

CEO of Synergistics


Suave man of middle age, he is always in command of the situation. He thinks three moves ahead, and knows a good deal when he sees one.


Bane is the CEO of the mega corporation Synergistics in Arkadia. They develop magical technology for the betterment of the Arkadian way of life. Their inventions include airships, magical water systems for kitchens and bathrooms, magical lighting for home and commercial use, etc.

Recently, Bane met the members of the party at Murza’s annual celebrity poker tournament. Seeing the potential to use their fame as explorers and heroes to the Five Kingdoms, he entered an arrangement with them. They founded Paradigm, a subsidiary to Synergistics. Paradigm would focus on marketing Arkadian magic tech to the Five Kingdoms, and the party members would be the face of the company, although Bane still holds a majority share.

He offered to equip The Wyvern with a full range of magical equipment to aid the party on their quests.

Bane Brisbee

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