God of War (Evil)


Arn appears as a red-scaled dragonborn. He is heavily armed and armored, and exudes an aura that is frightening. You feel as though you are never safe around him.


God of War (Evil)

Arn, “The Sword Hand of War,” believes strength should be used to overcome the weak, and the strong deserve what they are able to take. His clerics and paladins are among the most vicious and troublesome mortals in the world.

Arn, while a god of war, is directly at odds with the philosophies of the other god of war, Iiora.

Ancient History

Arn served as Yusha’s secondary war strategist during the Nightmare War. Arn prefers brute strength in an attack, forgoing any concerns for the safety of the troops in favor of the maximum damage dealt to the enemy. He was essential in planning the final assault on the Nightmare, allowing Yusha and his team to get close enough to strike the final blows.

Involvement in Our Game

Arn has been purchasing magical weaponry and using it to arm militant groups in the Southern Kingdoms. He hopes to start more wars in this New World.


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