Altruis Whisperwind

Eladrin Wizard Politician


Altruis was elected as one of the 9 Judges of Argent after his chief rival, Mariz, was murdered by a gang of fierce orcs. Diego Armando always suspected that Altruis was behind the attack, but was never able to prove it.


After he was elected Judge, Altruis quickly had the orcs responsible for Mariz’s death executed under the laws of Argent, conveniently silencing them forever.

Involvement in Our Game
When the party came into Argent to visit their company Paradigm, Altruis was revealed to be in possession of Mariz’s prized Book of Secrets which went missing after his murder. The party broke into his Summer Home to steal the book, along with many other incriminating documents.

Shortly after the theft, Disilphinx betrayed and drugged Diego. It was revealed that Disilphinx had been working for Altruis for many years, having been jealous of Diego his entire life. Diego awoke in a dark dungeon, tethered to the wall by magical restraints.

Diego discovered Altruis was a member of the secret society Dark Dawn, and was plotting to take over the city of Argent with a massive armament of illegal magical weaponry and a network of underground tunnels.

Altruis is now under lock and key in Argent thanks to the party’s ability to uncover his plot and submit the proof to the other 8 Judges of Argent.

Altruis Whisperwind

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