Aera Sheol

Mage of The Wyvern


Nice-looking human girl with long white hair. Red is her favorite color, and she wears it often. She is widely confident in her abilities, and rightly so. She commands each of the four elements with great skill.


Aera is a gifted wizard from Argent in The Five Kingdoms. Argent is renowned as the magical center in the south, and she came from one of the most prestigious academies of magic there.

When the Coalition Expedition Force was being formed between Arkadia and the Kingdoms, she quickly volunteered to take part. She was selected to be the resident mage on board The Wyvern, maintaining the magical wards which contain the water and fire elemental on board the ship to give it power. She is also responsible for aiding Thor Wobblecog with the ship’s Rune Cannons.

After the party came on board The Wyvern, she has been spending a lot of time with Darius, showing him the methods by which to control the elementals and keep the ship in motion.

Aera Sheol

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