Shadows of Acheron

32 - The Goblin City is Saved! Well... About Two-Thirds of It!

  • The party began their epic show-down with Rakash atop the walking castle. He was being guarded by two troll shamans and the last two constructs provided by the castle… two large shield guardians who were protecting him from all damage.
  • Outside the castle, the battle also raged between the Stone Dragon of Dragonstone, The Wyvern Airship, and the giant walking castle.
  • Although he gave it a valiant attempt, Bendix was unable to take the castle’s control gem over. It seemed to have chosen Rakash as its new master, and he would have to be killed before it would allow anyone else to control the castle… some sort of fail safe mechanism for the castle.
  • Outside, the Stone Dragon ripped off the second and final arm from the castle, leaving it with just its energy beam attack.
  • Finally both shield guardians were destroyed, one of the two troll shamans were killed, and the other one ran away, leaving Rakash alone to deal with. Bendix finished the job by stabbing him in the back.
  • To their surprise, the castle’s control gem shot a beam out, pulling his body back into the chamber and bringing him back to life! This fight wasn’t over yet!
  • Outside, the castle was getting worn down bit by bit. It wouldn’t be long now.
  • The party overwhelmed Rakash again, killing him a second time, something Bendix claimed he had never had to do before… and he didn’t like it!
  • Outside, almost simultaneously, The Wyvern Airship landed the final blow to the castle, which immediately started crumbling and collapsing.
  • On the roof, the intrepid Darius Nirro quickly grabbed the now-powered-down control gem of the castle and stowed it in his bag.
  • The party all activated various magical items and flew off the castle to the ground below.
  • After the battle, the Goblin King thanked the group by giving Izzegio Harloen a Friendship Bracelet. You heard me. The king also said that any magical items they discover in the ruins of the castle were also the party’s to keep. They did ask that any gold or gems in the rubble be left to the Goblin Kingdoms for repair of the Stone Dragon and the rest of the city.
  • The Goblin King agreed that the Goblin Kingdoms should join the Southern Kingdoms, and he would meet with the leaders of the other kingdoms as soon as possible.
  • Jimmy the Troll was declared the “Hero of Dragonstone” for his sacrifice in powering the Stone Dragon, staying alive only by using his troll regeneration. He was named the new General of the Goblin Armies.
  • Darius negotiated with the Goblin King, securing an exclusive contract with the Goblin Kingdoms for Paradigm, aka Synergistics South. The company will provide imported magical goods and services from Arkadia in order to repair the Stone Dragon and improve Goblin society in general.
  • Anna Maelstrom warmed up to the advances of Dreod, ultimately agreeing that she and Gary G. Gnoll would accompany the party on their airship now that their business in the Goblin Kingdoms was done. They’d be able to gather much more information for the Argent League of Explorers while travelling with the party.
  • Darius identified the magical properties of the castle’s focus gem. It was a powerful artifact and would react favorably to an owner of “fey” origin, so he reluctantly gave it to Dreod. The gem was forged into the Stoneshard Gem Necklace and had the powers of stone control.
  • The party all had a conference with Azerus, who was surprised anyone knew the location of that buried animated castle. It had been lost and had last been seen well before The Cataclysm, so no one in the Southern Kingdoms should know anything about it.
  • Jimmy said he had noticed one thing about Rakash recently. He had gotten a new tattoo on his shoulder which didn’t match any troll tribal tattoo designs. The party recognized the symbol Jimmy drew as the symbol of Dark Dawn, the secret organization that Altruis Whisperwind had been a part of.
  • If Rakash was getting information from Dark Dawn, and no one should know about the castle in the Southern Kingdoms, Bendix inferred that the organization also had to have ties to Arkadia as well… troubling.
  • Finally, throughout the course of the conference, Bendix finally was caught up-to-date with all information the party knows, including the fact that they are trying to prevent the end of the world, and that they are in possession of The Sword of Yusha.



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