Shadows of Acheron

31 - In Goblin Kingdom, Castle Storms YOU!


  • The castle was indeed mobile, and very… VERY large. Apparently the bulk of it had still been buried underground when the party had entered it.
  • The party determined the destination of the walking castle to be the Goblin Kingdom’s capital city of Dragonstone! They needed to act fast or else the entire city may be destroyed.
  • The party received a communication through their sending stone from Euro Albion, the captain of the Wyvern Airship. He was wondering if the party was aware of the situation, and asked for their advice as to what they should do. Diego Armando advised the captain that the situation was “fine… don’t worry about it.” The captain responded by immediately ordering his crew to prepare for full-scale battle.
  • Meanwhile, Rory, Steve, and Jimmy the Troll had arrived in Dragonstone hours earlier and were conversing with Anna Maelstrom and Gary G. Gnoll when the giant “Castle Man” appeared on the horizon. They all immediately ran up the dragon-shaped mountain to the Goblin keep on top and started asking the king what they could do to help defend the city.
  • The king told them there was this “instruction book” that had been handed down from Goblin King to Goblin King over the years. He knew it had something to do with the town’s defense, but he had never read it himself, because it had “never come up.” Rory began translating the magical ritual instructions contained within the texts.
  • Meanwhile, the party was inside the castle, and started running toward the staircase to make their way up to Rakash to stop this thing! They were interrupted when two animated constructs… with parts both mechanical and magical, attacked them. The robots had retractable blades in their arms, and could change the elemental magic the blades were charged with at will. They systematically began attacking the party, amassing data on their individual elemental resistances and adjusting their fighting styles accordingly.
  • While the battle raged inside, Captain Euro Albion communicated over the sending stone that the front facing of the Castle Man had opened up, and it looked like a giant “mouth”. Diego warned the captain to pull up and get out of the way. The Wyvern Airship did just that, and barely dodged out of the way as a giant energy beam blasted out of the opening, tearing a large section of the Goblin City up.
  • Meanwhile, Rory had finished translating the Goblin instructions… apparently there was a room underneath the Goblin Keep, within the mountain, that they needed to get to and perform a ritual. The group (Jimmy, Rory, Steve, Anna, and Gary) made their way down and found the room, which had a glowing red crystal in the middle of it, suspended in mid-air by a column of pure magical energy.
  • Rory and Steve, both high-ranking members of the church of Azerus, the god of magic, began performing the ritual. However, the ritual required great sacrifice, as someone needed to grab the crystal and be the focus of the ritual, but they would surely be killed in the process. Jimmy the Troll stepped up, saying, “I’m a troll… I regenerate, baby!” He became the focus, and luckily he was healing just as fast as he was being disintegrated, but he was in incredible pain.
  • Outside, everyone could now see the results of Jimmy’s sacrifice as the mountain in the middle of Dragonstone, which was in the shape of a sleeping dragon, became magically animated and in fact became a Stone Dragon!
  • Now the Goblin City below was being defended against the giant Castle Man by the Wyvern Airship and the Stone Dragon (epic)!
  • Meanwhile, Warren Maelstrom suddenly became visible, peeking out of the upper windows of the Goblin Keep on the Stone Dragon’s back. He was with the Goblin’s High Shaman, and was wielding the Goblin Tri-Crystal. Apparently the keep had a focus for the artifact on top, and Warren could direct the crystal’s shield to pinpoint areas around the city to protect. He was heard yelling, almost maniacally, “Aren’t you glad I gave the Goblins back their artifact now!?!?!” Diego yelled, “No!”
  • Inside the castle, the party had finished dispatching the robots. At this point, Bendix decided that the large energy beam the castle was firing needed to be disabled. He told Diego to call Euro Albion and have him bring the airship close to the front of the Castle Man, and advised that the rest of them should make their way up the keep’s stairs to try to reach Rakash.
  • Diego told Euro to bring the airship up, and to expect their new friend Bendix to be joining them on the airship. Euro asked, “…wait, did you say BENDIX?!?!? Aww, hell!” As it turns out, Bendix and Euro worked together long ago in Arkadia. Bendix was on an assassination mission and Euro was piloting the airship he was on. Bendix decided the best way to complete his mission was to drop the entire airship on his target. As a result of this incident, Euro Albion lost one of his eyes, which is why he still wears an eye patch to this day.
  • Bendix leapt off the front of the castle, flipping through the air nearly 30 feet down to the deck of the Wyvern as it passed by below. When he saw who the captain was, he said, “Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!” After Euro scowled at him, Bendix reassured him, saying that he was still planning on finding a new eye for Euro one of these days.
  • Outside, the Stone Dragon attacked the Castle Man, but was dismayed as they discovered the giant castle was being protected by a magical shield. The Castle retaliated by grabbing the Stone Dragon, punching it repeatedly, and blasting it with its energy beam.
  • Euro Albion conveyed this information to the party, and they all agreed to search inside the castle for a way to disable the shields.
  • Bendix jumped off the airship into the mouth of the giant castle and ran inside, hoping to reach the inner workings before the energy beam fired again.
  • The party ran up the stairs and searched until they found a room filled with mechanical and magical equipment. Dreod determined that yes, indeed, this was the room that was generating the shields for the castle. However, they noticed that the room was also being guarded by more of the castle’s robot drones. Diego and Izzegio held off the robots while Dreod analyzed and disassembled the shield equipment. She did this by throwing seeds into the gears and causing them to sprout into giant vines, gumming up the machine and causing it to overload.
  • Bendix had reached the room that powered and focused the energy beam, and began dismantling it. As he did so, another of the castle’s robot drones attacked him. Bendix threw a dagger, slicing the drone’s head off. He then used his assassin tricks to become insubstantial, grab the robot’s head, and phase it into the inside of the machinery, leaving it behind. He capped the destruction off by pulling out the large-sized Greatsword he took from one of the troll foremen earlier, shoving it into the machines, and snapping it in half.
  • As the machinery exploded behind him, Bendix activated his Winged Boots and flew out of the castle’s mouth.
  • Outside, the battle still raged on. The shields had now been deactivated and the castle’s weapons had been weakened but were still functional. The Stone Dragon sustained heavy damages, but was able to leap up onto the Castle and attack it viciously, ripping off one of its giant stone arms! The arm fell on part of the city below, destroying several city blocks.
  • Inside, the party had made its way further up the keep and had found an Artifactory which was creating and churning out the robot drones that were protecting the keep. Bendix flew into the window and rejoined the main party. The room was occupied by 3 trolls who were operating the machines, as well as a few robot drones.
  • During the battle, Dreod and Bendix were able to destroy the machinery in the room, disabling the castle’s ability to generate more drones.
  • All of the remaining drones were killed, along with the trolls in the room… save for one. Bendix poisoned the poor ice troll, causing him to permanently become insane. He began dancing around the room like a chicken (well, SORT of like a chicken… he had no real concept of what chickens are really supposed to sound like), and declaring his hatred for Rakash, the troll boss who dragged him into this whole mess. The party convinced the insane troll to lead them to where Rakash was so they could make him pay!
  • Outside, the battle raged on between the Stone Dragon, the Wyvern Airship, and the giant Castle Man. The Stone Dragon took the brunt of the damage, and was in really bad shape. Goblin City was also taking its share of collateral damage, but was still in manageable shape.
  • Finally the party emerged on the roof of the keep, and were able to look out over the city and see the sheer destruction that was unfolding below them. On the roof, in a chamber similar to the one Jimmy the Troll was in inside the Stone Dragon, Rakash stood, grasping a gem to control the castle. On either side of the chamber stood two large robots, much larger than the ones the party had seen previously. And finally, two more trolls, the last of Rakash’s men, completed his entourage.
  • It was time for the final showdown… Will the Goblin City of Dragonstone be destroyed? Will Rakash pay for his crimes against goblin-kind? What ever happened to that guard troll on the wall of the keep? Will he replace Gretch’s stolen ham?



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