Shadows of Acheron

29 - Mrkplx... You Done F@#ked Up!

  • As we picked up where we left our heroes, Darius “Double Luck” Nirro and Dreod were in the middle of the interrogation of the captured troll witch doctor who killed poor Clip-Clop the horse.
  • The troll knew only a partial piece of the full story. He said his boss, Rakash, gave them all instructions to seek out these pylons in the swamp and perform these rituals. He said they were searching for an ancient and powerful weapon which was buried in the swamp. He did not, however, know who gave any of this information to Rakash or what specifically they were looking for beneath the earth.
  • Darius thanked the troll for his cooperation by allowing him to be engulfed in a minor fireball, clearly one of the least powerful of his spells.
  • Meanwhile, we joined an odd collection of individuals who were themselves travelling in the swamp, on their way north to try to find our main group of heroes. This group consisted of Bendix, an assassin, who was being escorted by two members of the church of Azerus named Steve and Rory. Hilarity ensued as Bendix became increasingly annoyed by Rory’s simple-mindedness and lack of basic understanding of magical principles even though she was a high ranking official of the god of magic’s church.
  • Bendix parlayed with Darius, and explained that he was sent to join the group. Bendix has been hired by an unknown benefactor, and his task as the World’s Greatest Assassin is to kill the god Zyne! As the party has been known to have their differences with the god, Bendix figured his best shot was to tag along with them. Azerus agreed to help the assassin reach the other heroes since Zyne had attempted to sabotage and kill the team on many occasions.
  • The group set out to track the rest of the trolls in the swamp, and discovered that there were a total of 4 pylons in the swamp, and 3 of them had already been activated! They quickly made their way to the last one.
  • They came upon another group of trolls who were in the middle of the activation of the last pylon. A battle erupted as a result.
  • In the fray, Bendix addressed one of the trolls, calling him " Jimmy ." The troll insisted that his name was “Zubex,” but this protest fell on deaf ears. Bendix made a strong argument to Jimmy that he should avoid being killed, and should instead turn on his friends and join the party. After seeing the sheer destruction these assailants were capable of, Jimmy soon agreed and helped the heroes take down his friends.
  • Bendix also attempted to convince another troll named Mrkplx, or “Jimmy 2” as Bendix called him, to jump ship. Mrkplx was not as amenable to negotiation as Jimmy, and so Mrkplx responded to Bendix by lobbing a spell at him, causing roots to spring from the ground and attempt to entangle him.
  • Bendix exclaimed, “Mrkplx… You Done F@#ked Up!” Mrkplx was soon destroyed in a storm of blades and fire.
  • The party was unable to stop the completion of the activation ritual, and as they finished the battle, the earth beneath their feet began violently shaking. Soon, it became impossible to stand up.
  • All trolls except their new-found friend Jimmy were killed.
  • As the ground shook more violently, the group looked in the direction of the center of the swamp and saw an entire castle rising from beneath the earth. Clearly, this buried and magically sealed castle was the cause of the formation of this swamp. As the castle loomed ahead, the party feared they would not be able to make it there before the other trolls in the swamp would get there first.



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