Shadows of Acheron

28 - Alas, Poor Clip-Clop, I Knew Him

Alternate Title – “Why Does Everything We Touch Catch On Fire? This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!”

  • Darius “Double Luck” Nirro began the session by regaling the new members of the crew with the party’s heroic tales. As we recall, new crew members were hired in Argent to replace members of the airship crew who were lost in various cyclops attacks, sneak attacks, and ship cannon explosions along the way. The crew of the Wyvern now consists of people from a wide variety of locations, including Arkadia, Argent, and even the Feywild.
  • Anna requested that the party come to Dragonstone and help the goblins with troubles they are having in a swamp in the kingdom.
  • The Wyvern set sail through the air on a course to Dragonstone. Along the way, Izzegio “Izzy” Harloen was keeping watch over the ship one night… and keeping “extra special” watch over its pilot Laranh Grandfalcon. He noticed a person standing on the bow of the ship. It was Ozymandias Menethil! Before Izzy could react, Ozy disappeared from view. He recalled that this exact thing happened to Diego Armando a few weeks ago. Study of the area revealed traces of very high level teleportation magic.
  • Upon arriving at Dragonstone, which is nestled at the northernmost point of the Death Guard Mountains, the party was greeted by Anna and Gary G. Gnoll, who was now healthy again after his run-in with the Nightmare cultists so very long ago.
  • Izzy awkwardly attempted to reassure Anna that the past was in the past, and implied that he didn’t want to “make it weird” while inadvertently making it weird in the process by mentioning his new “girlfriend” Laranh Grandfalcon, the beautiful moon elf pilot of The Wyvern. Gary, who still has great affection for Anna, shook his head in disapproval. Darius, an old acquaintance and travelling companion of Anna’s and Gary’s, immediately recognized the situation at hand and decided to make things worse for his own amusement. He played the part of a “wing man” for Dreod, playing up they dryad’s exotic and extraplanar qualities to Anna, who seemed keenly interested. Could this be the beginnings of a rare “love polygon” with more interested parties and complications than previously thought possible? (Yes… yes it could.)
  • Anna took everyone to meet with the Goblin King, Grand Shaman, and General of the Goblin Kingdoms in the castle. The king explained that in the Vilewater Marsh to the north, there have been strange occurrences. After the investigative party went missing, they sent a search party. After the search party also went missing, the king declared the marsh “off limits” to goblins in the kingdom.
  • The party agreed to travel to the Vilewater Marsh and see what is going on there and solve the problem for the king. In return, the king agreed to meet the leaders of The Five Kingdoms and enter into diplomatic talks with them.
  • The Wyvern airship was left in the care of Warren Maelstrom, who wanted to stay behind to catch up with his sister Anna. He was overheard telling the Goblin King about all of the new fancy magical artifacts the group has found in their travels. Faren Harloen and Tamar Reeve also stayed behind with the crew.
  • Upon the group’s request, the goblins provided the party with a horse named Clip-Clop and a wagon for their journey north to the marsh. After a few days’ travel, they finally arrived.
  • Dreod noticed the soil was devoid of nutrients that were necessary for large plants to grow. Only slimes, molds, mosses, fungi, and vines could grow there.
  • After a day or two of searching through the marsh, the party came upon a man-made structure… what appeared to be a short cylindrical structure like a tower or silo. More importantly, the tower was surrounded by a group of large trolls who seemed to be in the middle of a magical ritual of some sort. Darius determined the ritual was intended to “activate” something, but wasn’t sure what.
  • In the intense battle that ensued, Darius accidentally(?) was too overzealous in his lobbing of fiery magics, and lit the wagon on fire. Unfortunately for Clip-Clop the horse, he was still harnessed to it. In a panic, Clip-Clop began running frantically all over the battlefield with the flaming cart in tow.
  • Clip-Clop was tragically killed right in front of Izzy by a troll witchdoctor’s shadow bolt. Izzy, in a most dramatic fashion, yelled “Clip-Clop… NOOOOOOO!!!”.
  • All trolls were slain except for one, the main witchdoctor who killed the horse. The trolls had managed to complete the ritual they were casting before the battle was over. The party decided to keep this troll alive in order to interrogate him.



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