Shadows of Acheron

26 - Et Tu, Disilphinx?

  • After a hurried and unprepared welcome by the employees, none other than Bane Brisbee showed up to give the heroes the full tour. He showed them all of the aspects of the budding company, and assured them that business was booming.
  • In the conference room, Darius Nirro confided his long-term goals with Bane. He claimed that the Church of Zyne was becoming increasingly meddlesome, and even had attempted to blow up their Airship. Seeing the nature of the security risk, Bane agreed that something had to be done. Some ideas that were thrown out by Darius were mass espionage and intense litigation to keep them occupied.
  • After the meeting, Diego Armando decided to take his friends on a tour of Argent. They first visited the grave of Diego’s mentor Mariz, and then the orphanage where Diego spent his first few years of life.
  • Having seen the Airship come into town, Disilphinx, a childhood friend of Diego’s, knew that he would most likely come to visit the orphanage. He hid in wait at the facility for their arrival.
  • The group talked about what a dump the orphanage was. Diego was quite surprised, as he was sure that Mariz left a large sum of money to the place upon his death. They asked the matron in charge of the place, and she said the money was never delivered, and was tied up in eternal litigation.
  • Disilphinx, or “Diesel” as Diego calls him, revealed his presence and greeted Diego with warmth.
  • Darius and Dreod decided to follow up on the “missing orphanage money” thread at the city records office downtown, while the rest of the party decided to go with Diesel to a bar downtown to catch up.
  • Team “Orphanage Money” met with a lawyer named Jeff, and discovered that Altruis Whisperwind, one of the 9 Judges of Argent, began the litigation shortly after Mariz’s death. Altruis argued that the will of Mariz was not legitimate, and such a large sum of money shouldn’t be donated to one single orphanage, but should go to the city’s coffers to be distributed amongst many projects. The litigation was at a standstill, and had escalated to the point where the Judges themselves needed to rule on the matter. Without Altruis’s consent, this situation would never be resolved until he has left office.
  • Team “Beer” had a much less boring time. Diesel and Diego caught up, and Diesel revealed that Altruis Whisperwind was in possession of their master Mariz’s treasured Book of Secrets, his magical journal containing all of his wisdom. This all but confirmed to Diego that Altruis was indeed behind Mariz’s murder. The two plotted to steal the book from Altruis’s Summer Home.
  • Team “Orphanage Money” met the others at the bar and they each informed the other of what was occurring. They all agreed that they should go to the Summer Home and steal the book.
  • Balthazar contacted Darius. He said “a little imp told him” that they were intending on breaking into Altruis’s home to steal some items. He said there were some more incriminating documents there which implicated Balthazar in selling illegal magical goods to Altruis, much like the incident in Woodfall with the terrorist cult. Altruis was using the documents as leverage, so Balthazar wanted Darius to take care of the problem and steal them. In exchange, Balthazar would wave the fees associated with the false legislation against the Church of Zyne.
  • The party posed as friends of Altruis and successfully talked their way past the guards in the house… with a little help from a lot of gold. While Darius occupied the guards with a riveting and profitable game of Elements, the others sneaked into Altruis’s study and stole the Book of Secrets, Balthazar’s documents, and other various incriminating paperwork.
  • Once back on the Airship, Darius and Balthazar began pouring over the papers looking for evidence against Altruis. Everyone else but Diesel and Diego went to sleep.
  • Diesel and Diego went to the ship’s kitchen to study the Book and toast to the memory of their mentor Mariz. Diego proved that he could indeed start translating the book. It was magically encrypted, and the lessons Mariz taught Diego as a child served as the “key” to unlock it.
  • As Diesel and Diego raised a glass to Mariz, Diego started feeling “fuzzy”. To his great shock, Diesel had put a sleeping agent in his drink!
  • Diego awoke in a dark dungeon, strapped to the wall by magic-nullifying restraints. None other than Altruis Whisperwind himself stepped into the room, with Diesel by his side. Disilphinx had been working with Altruis for years!



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