Shadows of Acheron

25 - If You Play Your Cards Right...

  • The party debriefed Captain Euro Albion and later Azerus about the occurrences in Moil. They also told Azerus about the likeness of Yusha being used in the temple. Azerus was not happy about this.
  • Azerus pledged to get more help to discover the corruption in the land. He wants to try to get ahead of the game instead of just react to things.
  • The next night, the party decided to have a party with the Airship crew to celebrate the success of the mission and to raise morale.
  • Thor Wobblecog revealed that he had made a still in the engine room, and brought his ales and Dwarven Rotgut to the party.
  • The Eladrin crew members taught the party the gambling game Elements. After a spirited game, Faren Harloen came out on top, much like he did during the tournament in Arkadia.
  • After the card game, Tsaz Madgut the goblin chef said, “…I got a game…” It was Goblin Surprise. Darius Nirro wound up losing this game, and spent the rest of the night… getting rid of extra contents in his stomach for the rest of the evening.
  • Diego Armando took a trip up to the deck of the Airship to get some air. He was surprised to see a shadowy figure standing on the bow of the ship, staring off into the distance. Upon closer inspection, he made out the identity of the person. It was Ozymandias Menethil, the wizard who was a member of the Argent League of Explorers along with Darius back in the day. Ozymandias had not been seen since being sent off on a mission by Azerus… a mission which would take him across the rift in the center of the continent.
  • When Diego called out to Ozymandias, he was clearly confused and startled. He suddenly disappeared into thin air. Inspection of the area revealed footprints and traces of teleportation magic. This was no illusion… Ozzy was clearly there in the flesh.
  • The next day, the gang received a letter from Anna Maelstrom. She was now living in the newly-discovered Goblin Kingdoms, attempting to learn their culture and language for the Argent League of Explorers. She invited the group to come visit and aid the goblins in some troubles they were having in hopes that they would be able to get the Goblin Kingdom to ally with The Five Kingdoms.
  • Darius hatched a new scheme of his own. He contacted Balthazar and went over the details. He had documents from the temple they discovered in the Shadowfel, detailing some highly illegal research into poisons and evil magics. Darius hoped Balthazar could use these documents to trump up charges against the Church of Zyne. This would keep them occupied and hopefully get them off of the party’s backs.
  • Balthazar said it could get expensive, so Darius convinced the party that they should travel down to Argent to visit the Southern headquarters of their company, Paradigm, also known as “Synergistics South”, to free up some money.
  • And so the Airship set a course for Argent… which was coincidentally the childhood home of Diego. He noted how he hadn’t been back to Argent for about 5 years…



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