Shadows of Acheron

24 - Darius Brings the House Down

  • The group makes their way across a disgusting bridge made of bones. The ghosts of the unfortunate souls laid to rest here attacked them unsuccessfully.
  • Making their way through a winding catacomb structure, the party came to a large ornate room with a huge sepulcher in the center. Runes covered the sepulcher, which was standing open and visibly empty, while the remains of several Shadar-Kai lay strewn about the room.
  • On closer inspection, this turned out to be the last of the search party sent by Tarnus to investigate the corruption. Darius discovered a journal on the leader of the pack, in which he lamented the incompetence of his team and made one interesting observation… the multiple stone carvings of faces throughout the complex had been none other than Yusha, the hero of ancient days who defeated the Nightmare.
  • Moving on, the group came to the final door, which opened easily using the keys they found earlier in the dungeon. Behind the door they discovered the source of all the corruption in this foul place, a massive Arcane Engine similar to the one they found in the Garden of Graves in the Feywild. This one was far more complex and would be much more difficult to disable.
  • The engine was siphoning Shadowfel energy down through a portal in the floor to some unknown location for an unknown purpose.
  • When Dreod attempted to look through the portal, he was met with some resistance. A magical construct rose from the portal to face the party. The construct bore more than a little resemblance to Yusha!
  • During an epic and heated battle, Dreod and Darius worked together to disable the Shadow Engine in the room while Diego, Faren, and Izzegio all kept the Yusha construct busy.
  • Before fully destroying the Engine, Darius gave the construct one final warning… “I will destroy this entire temple if you don’t stop!” The construct’s response was, “Then you die first.” Before he could react, Darius summoned a giant hell hound on top of the Shadow Engine and caused it to break the final bonds holding it together. The entire contraption fell from the sky on top of the Yusha Construct, damaging it a great deal.
  • The party quickly finished the fight, but soon discovered that Darius’s threat actually held some truth. Without the Shadow Engine, the entire facility was collapsing around them. The party quickly reactivated the portal in the floor and escaped to the Shadowfel above.
  • After running through the city of Moil toward the portal out of the Shadowfel, the party found themselves face to face with Eliana, who wanted to “recruit” them to Tarnus’s army.
  • Darius and the gang talked their way out of it, lying and saying they would help Tarnus out in the future without any worries, and recruitment wasn’t necessary.
  • Once back in the material world, the party signaled for their airship, which soon arrived and lowered its rope ladders down to them. Exhausted, they flopped onto the deck of the ship as it flew off into the sunset.



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